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i just quit my dayjob.. yay! i also just converted this site to 100% valid XHTML 1.0 Strict + CSS. yay!! down with internet explorer!!

the via satellite remix album is now available, with one of my trizzacks on it.
current score:
currently working on remixes for sierpinski, soul junk, and camera obscura. looks like debut album is fighting a losing battle...

fun with search terms.
check out some of these search terms showing up in my webstats.
you people have some issues!

ilya's japanese minialbum has been released, containing a remix by yours truly, as well as album leaf and some b-sides. i think the band has a handfull of copies for sale at their shows, or you can buy it from japan for 12 bucks.

i got this rad motivational email from some random dude today:

so the other day i was converting my hard drive from FAT32 to NTFS and blew the whole thing. lost everything. including my album. HAH!

i just finished a remix for ilya. it will be coming out on a maxi-single over in japan in a couple months. i also started a remix for via satellite which is almost done, and soon after will be starting a remix for the leeds based group sierpinski... remixes, remixes, remixes. no time for my own perpetually unfinished record. :) perhaps i will pull a hrvatski and just release remix/comp tracks for 10 years before i release anything myself. hah.

one time i was buying sunflower seeds at 7-11, and i got an empty coffee cup to spit my seeds into (it was a long roadtrip), and the dude tried to charge me 69 cents or whatever for the cup, and i'm all, "what the fuck dude, there's no coffee in it. you're charging me 69 cents for the cup itself? does that mean the coffee is free? does that mean i can bring my own cup in here and get coffee for free?" and he said, "uhhhh..." and then still charged me for the empty cup.

moral of this story: i have no idea.

favorite artist of the past year or so: kettel. i really can't get enough of this fucking guy.

"you hear it all the time coming out of the mouths of record executives, 'people are stupid, people are stupid.' and people are not. in fact, they're smarter than they've ever been because they have more access to information, more places to get music. they're making up their own minds about what they like, as opposed to what they're told to like. and now the labels are paying for that disrespect. they're finding that people are no longer tolerant of their bullshit."
- mos def

i've got 3 shows this month and next, playing with the likes of randomnumber, dntel, hrvatski, and greg davis. if you come i will throw you guitar pics and sign your t-shirt.

happy new year! good riddance 2001. both the tristeza remix album mixed signals and the simball records comp 45 seconds of... come out in february. please buy them so that i can get some groupies. also, i decided to put my hardcore mix back on line, cuz it's so fucking hardcore.

i updated my discography

i just went to disneyland. it was great. everyone's affraid of terrorists so there were no lines. really been digging the new alicia keyes record, as well as a bunch of old faith no more. that's all for now.

imputor? has posted a live set of mine from 06.20.01. it's themed "the disneyland set" ... check it out here (scroll down).

goodbye aaliyah. i love you. :(

some stuff i've been listening to:
thought this was interesting... the #1 search string to this website is "bendejos," with 42 hits so far this month. that's marketing at its finest, you fucking bendejos.

doing a couple of tracks for a compilation of some 50+ artists each doing a 45 second long song. should be fun (and actually quite challenging to do anything interesting in 45 seconds without sounding like a simple wank session)... it will be out on simball records soon. other artists include languis, kid-606, plastiq phantom, and a slew of others.

playing a show on friday may 25th @ the turquoise lounge inside aztec bowl. lineup includes a.e.m., sonic wallpaper, and planet ape. check the live page for more info.

began a remix for muslimgauze.

live imputor? v2.0 is happening next month:
wednesday april 18th, 8pm @ the juke joint cafe, downtown san diego. this show is FREE. 21+, full bar. [ more info ]
lineup is:
calculator man & hangar (that's me and plastiq phantom) have a 7" coming out in belgium on the zeal label. tracks are lollipop b/w hey janice. it's being mastered by rafter @ singing serpent. limited to 500 copies, there will be about 25 copies for me to to sell in the states at shows and shit, or if anyone wants i can sell you one here for less than the price of a taco bell combo meal. just shoot me an email.

our shows went well. lots of people came out to support experimental music. thank you. because of you we have been given the opportunity to do future events like it. keep an ear to the ground for more info.
i finished both of my tristeza remixes today. i hope they like them.

i have a new song that i kinda like. but my encoder sucks and distorts all the bass. whatever. m4d pr0pz to nancy and lulu.

i am playing some shows:

tuefeb20: the fold, la, $5
wedfeb21: juke joint cafe, sd, free

lineup is: [ more info ]

ok i am finally posting crap on here after like 6 years of not having any info. i have been working on some solo tracks, now that the calculator man & hangar record is done and selling millions of copies. hopefully my album will be done soon, but i do not like the past 15 tracks i have done. i did a couple remixes (of san diego heroes drive like jehu and tristeza) but i will probably never release them, and will be doing a plastiq phantom remix titled "licking mister whippy" that will probably never be released.

also been doing some drunken improv fuck-around tracks with john goff (physics, wizards of war). we are a self-proclaimed "hardcore ambient band," whatever that means. will probably never release these tracks either.

hopefully will be playing some shows soon, here in sandy eggo and maybe hell-a, with my buddies/labelmates/homeboys diagram of suburban chaos and plastiq phantom.

will also be busting onto the "dj scene" very soon, bringing some loud hardcore shit to the clubs in an attempt to break all the PAs in town. it is time that the 10 year reign of this bullshit prettyboy GQ coke addict ex-fratboy/sorority girl san diego nightclub scene dies a horrible death and is replaced by a new empire driven by tunes of truth and justice and ugly people like myself. amen.

oh yeah, you can download my only-ever-released song in case you're wondering what the hell all of this crap is about.

i am the snodgrass, and i make crap music from time to time. i don't have much solo material prepared for release (yet) because i've been dedicating all my time to another project with a dude named plastiq phantom. we are called calculator man and hangar. i am hangar. he is calculator man. so, if you came here for music, you can get some fully pirateable mp3s at my label's website: http://www.imputor.com/

¡que la fuerza esté contigo!
~ el snodgrasso con leche, bendejos.