www [dot] the snodgrass [dot] com

every now and then i like to play live shows. original songs and stuff using computers, samplers, guitars, and a turntable (i only need 1).

special thingie: yo, i dj along with wankchops and galena every tuesday night at the whistlestop bar in southpark (golden hill). it's at 2236 fern st. and is very chill. lots of love in the air, board games, puzzles, asteroids, and darts for all to enjoy. it starts around 9ish. more info at friendschill.com. please come say hi sometime!

i also like to dj... sometimes. styles range from ambient to hardcore to idm to downtempo or any other shitty label you can slap on it for your filing convenience. i will have some mix sets up for you soon, because i would love to dj at your party/funeral/whatever.

¡que la fuerza esté contigo, cabron!