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discography of death.


"it takes a nation of indie rockers to hold me back"
label: imputor?
cat #: imp007
format: CD
date: cinco de mayo 2002
"re:public" - via satellite remix album
label: pseudocool records
cat #: psdo-8047
format: CD
date: may 2003
what: remix of the song cliff for the san diego band via satellite. other artists include the album leaf, square circle, icons, pilotram, rotator, etc.
ilya japanese maxi single
label: not superstitious
cat #: nss006
format: CD
track: isola
date: 12.30.02
what: remix of the song isola for the san diego band ilya, released in japan to support their 2003 tour.
"45 seconds of:" - compilation
label: simball records
cat #: simballrec07
format: CD
track: 45,000 milliseconds of love
date: 10.15.02
what: 99 artists contributing 45 seconds of music each. other artists include electric company, dj spooky, leafcutter john, joseph nothing, languis, ost, dntel, + a ton more.
"mixed signals" - tristeza remix album
label: tigerstyle/rocketracer
cat #: tgs14/rr015
format: CD/2LP
track: city of the future
date: 02.05.02
what: remixes of the san diego instrumental band tristeza. other artists include marumari, scientific american, styrofoam, diagram of suburban chaos, + more.
collaboration with plastiq phantom as CALCULATOR MAN & HANGAR...

"it's andersen, not anderson, bytch!"
label: imputor?
cat #: imp002
format: CD-R EP
date: 05.01.00
"the good times are killing me"
label: foundation skateboards
cat #: dvdfs0001
format: DVD/VHS
date: 07.18.01
track: call it like something